Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Its freaking hard writing a blog. I started off with three other sentences and just couldn't get myself to stop sounding like some sort of proper douche bag. The first thing I want to express is thank you. I don't know how you came about getting to this blog, but I am glad someone is reading it. Depending on what your interpretation is on the Blog title, this is definitely not a blog about how to hack the "Gibson" or where to find the solutions to get free money through the Internet. This blog is an expression of my every day mind, it is a compiler for the thoughts I just can't express on vocal terms. Every word I type is going to help you figure out what it is I am trying to accomplish and how I am going to get to those goals.

Let me go over the blog title:
I really wish there was a way for me sum things up in one word or maybe a familiar phrase. The simple answer to why I couldn't do that is a direct reflection to our constantly changing world. My own interpretation of what I am attempting to accomplish is way to abstract for any normal person's understanding. To break things down, there are three operating systems I am completely attracted to. It just so happens that the rest of the world is into these three OS's and they are the foundations of many platforms for homes, businesses, and luxuries. My goal is not to become the smartest in all three, but too efficiently use them for everyday purposes and to help others in their everyday need for a better PC.

Back To the Introduction:
I won't give you any background on me because your not giving me any background on you. The best thing that I feel we have in common is the fact that you continue to read and I continue to type.

What we are here to talk about:
Let me hear what you have to say. Just to let you know I am not a PC, there is now iMac in me, and I am sure not part of a LUG. I kinda like it when there are no sides , when you don't have to choose which processor to buy or which mobo should to stick to. It is so frustrating to buy your first computer, two days later you use it to surf the Internet, and then find a cheaper one online. You feel violated and used, anger and frustration drives you to think that your computer is the best in performance or in price. The reality bites back at you when your friend gets a better deal on the same computer.
Computers have become a luxury item that can expose a persons true personality. Maybe that's where people get it wrong; a cheap laptop doesn't mean that the person is cheap themselves, it just means that they bought it at a cheaper price than what you would have bought it for. Price checking and windows shopping is another story, but seriously when I go out and buy something I find the best for the cheapest that I can not afford and then I buy the best out of the cheapest that I can afford. Reread that sentence one more time, think about it. Don't give me any blah blah about that either, when your getting ready for an exam you don't overlook the stuff you don't understand, you dig further until you find the link. There is always a link between things, my link to computers maybe different between your link to computers, but the overall correlation is that we both are linked to computers. The question to ask ourselves is, Who is really using there computer?